5 Things to Cure Your Summer Boredom

cure your summer boredom Around this time of summer, I usually start saying one phrase over and over again: "I'm bored". Usually this time of my break consists of vegging out on the couch, binge-watching Netflix for days. It wasn't until recently that I learned there are a number of things you can do over the summer that aren't a 9-5 job. Summer boredom may be infectious, but here are 5 things to not only take up your time, but cure you of your summer boredom!

1. Go on a vacation. Whether it's a day-cation to a place you don't normally go or a full-blown trip to Harry Potter World (take me with you, please!), go somewhere out of the ordinary and just get away from your surroundings! You'll feel refreshed and ready to find something new to do at home!

2. Learn a new skill. From blogging to jewelry making, I've picked up new skills randomly over my summer breaks, and I owe it all to having the time to sit down and learn them! Plus, depending on the skill, you can land a job that way! One of the main reasons I was brought on as an intern at my current job is because I have experience with Wordpress and graphic design! Both things I learned over the summer.

3. Volunteer. There are tons of places that need volunteers, and I know you need experience or hours to keep scholarships. Why not knock out some of those hours during your summer instead of during the school year? From food pantries to kids camps, there are a number of places to get plugged in and really invest into people's lives. Plus, it's a great resume builder!

4. Exercise. I know, I'm the queen of not working out because, ew, but if you're wanting to establish a healthier lifestyle, you should start in the summer! It's easier to establish a routine and as I mentioned earlier, you can learn new recipes to try. If you are doing this option, make sure you stay hydrated and out of the sun!

5. After you've done all the other things, NETFLIX. But really. I spend a lot of time binge-watching the Office and Parks & Rec for the 500th time.

So there you go, four options other than binge-watching Netflix for you to get out and have a more productive summer! Don't let the summer boredom get to you, because now you have no excuse!