How to Write a VIRAL Post

how to write a viral post For the longest time, I wondered how people wrote these viral posts that practically blew up Pinterest. I had moments where I thought I was writing the best post ever and that everyone would love it… And then no one would look at it. No lie.

I grew frustrated, not being able to grow my audience for some unspoken, not-pointed-out reason. It wasn’t until I (almost mistakenly) wrote a post that caused my page views to skyrocket overnight.

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Yeah, you can see the crazy jump in my page views. And it wasn’t until I looked into what I had posted that week that I realized what exactly caused that. And now that I have, I want to genuinely want to share with you what I did to make that happen.

1. Write from the heart. If you’re not being genuine, the readers will see right through it. Have you noticed that most of the “viral” posts you see on Pinterest are actually not sponsored posts? Now, that’s not to say you can’t use affiliate linking, but most of the time (unless it’s a giveaway) it’s not going to be super popular on your blog. Three of my most popular posts (Social Media Professionalism, College Dorm Checklist and a Guest Post over on Life with Rosie) were all posts that I wrote because I wanted to help people! And according to the insane jump in my page views, the readers liked it.

2. Use it as a guest post. When Chelsie asked me to write a post for Life with Rosie, I could have taken the easy way out, come up with something simple and used my blog binder post for myself. But I love Chelsie and want her content on her blog to be the best it can be, and knew that her audience would enjoy the post. The best part from that was that we both got the reward from it! Her audience really enjoyed the post and grew, and my readership and page views sky-rocketed that day. Using that post on Chelsie’s blog was a great way to grow not only her readership, but mine as well. When you write to the best of your ability in every capacity, readers notice!

3. Don’t try to go viral. You know that saying “Quit looking for it and it will find you”? It’s usually referred to in dating advice, but it works for blogging as well. QUIT FOCUSING ON GOING VIRAL. Stop it. Put it out of your head. Instead think about what would really help someone today. Think about a piece of information you learned that you can’t wait to share with other people because they need to know it too. When you focus on becoming popular, you forget your original readers who have been with you since the beginning; you forget that new readers have standards and they expect the same quality, if not better, every time they look at your site. Quit focusing on writing a viral post. Focus on your readers and writing to the best of your ability!

Learning how to write a viral post isn't about actually writing a viral post. It's about learning your own priorities and whether or not you're just using your audience as a number instead of the person that they are. When you write to help other people and not to help yourself, readers notice and want to support you. So quit thinking about how to up your numbers, and instead focus on your readers, the problems they have, and how you can solve them.

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